Climate change impacts on biological diversity in Bavaria: multidimensional integration for better biodiversity projections

Climate change is now one of the most important threats for biodiversity. Especially in concert with land-use change it presents unprecedented challenges to populations, species, and ecosystems.

Central goal of the MIntBIO project is to improve our understanding of the impacts of climate and land-use change on animal diversity in Bavaria and, based on that, to build realistic projections of biodiversity change.

For this, we will combine distribution data on the bavarian fauna (e.g. birds, butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers) using innovative methods from biogeography and ecology with additional biological and geographical data, in order to develop future scenarios for the diversity of animal life in Bavaria based on an integration across scales, animal groups and methodological disciplines.

The results, e.g. on the potential responses of species to climate change in landscapes that are extensively modified by humans, will be discussed with stakeholders from nature conservation, land-use and politics, to develop sustainable policy options for the preservation of Bavarian biodiversity.

Principal investigator
Prof. Dr. Christian Hof
Chair for Global Change Ecology
Faculty for Biology
Justus-Maximilians-University Würzburg


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Doctoral Thesis

  • Development of multidimensional models integrating different scales and taxa for a better understanding and projection of the effects of climate and land use change on the Bavarian fauna
    Engelhardt, Eva Katharina (laufende Dissertation, MintBio)
  • Current and future impacts on global biodiversity and nature conservation
    Biber, Matthias (laufende Dissertation, MintBio)

Final Papers

  • Thermal tolerances and biogeography of Central European dragonfly species
    Schenkel, Elisa (laufende Masterarbeit, MintBio)
  • Climate and land-use change impacts on the distribution of selected bird species
    Geisler, Andreas (laufende Masterarbeit, MintBio)
  • Decoding cryptic species: An analysis of the impact of climate change on the distribution of Aricia agestis and Aricia artaxerxes
    Onay, Anabel (laufende Masterarbeit, MintBio)
  • Ecological value of fruit trees on scattered orchards in Bavaria
    Ungar, Benjamin (laufende Masterarbeit, MintBio)
  • Einfluss von Klima-, Landnutzungs- und Topografievariablen auf die Artverbreitung verschiedener Singvogelarten – Ein Vergleich auf Skalen in Europa, der Schweiz und im Kanton Glarus mit unterschiedlichen Klimamodellen
    Hofmann, Laura (Masterarbeit 2021, MintBio)
  • Inter- and intraspecific variation of physiological thermal limits of grasshoppers along an elevational gradient in the Bavarian Alps and beyond
    Wagner, Carolin (Masterarbeit 2021, MintBio)
  • Climatic influence on dragon- and damselfly distributions at different spatial scales
    Studnicka, Eva (Masterarbeit 2020, MintBio)
  • Species distribution modelling of selected grasshopper species in Europe and Bavaria
    Jäkle, Katja (Bachelorarbeit 2020, MintBio)