DWD: 2022 was one of the two warmest years in Germany since records began

The year 2022 probably tops the previous record year 2018 and was with an annual mean temperature of 10.5 °C then the warmest year in Germany since measurements began in 1881, reports the German Weather Service (DWD).  The number of sunshine hours also reached a new record in 2022. Summer and autumn 2022 were among the four warmest since 1881.

There was also a further increase in the trend of the annual mean temperature: Since 1881, it has now become 1.7 degrees warmer in Germany.

The average precipitation of around 670 liters per square meter was almost 150 liters less than the long-term average, with major regional differences.  Nationwide, February and September were rather wet, while the summer was considerably too dry.

DWD press release: Germany experiences one of the two warmest years and a sunshine record