The study design of Landklif

In a detailed article, which was published as a press release on the website of the University of Würzburg, Dr. Sarah Redlich and Prof. Dr. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter explain the study design of the bayklif subproject LandKlif. With LandKlif, the influence and causes of a declining biodiversity is investigated, with special regard to climate change and land use.

The complete press release of the University of Würzburg can be found here:
Press Release University of Würzburg: Logistical Herculean Tasks.

The publication associated with this article…
Disentangling effects of climate and land use on biodiversity and ecosystem services – a multi-scale experimental design. Redlich S., Zhang J., Benjamin C., Singh Dhillon M., Englmeier J., Ewald J., Fricke U., Ganuza C., Haensel M., Hovestadt T., Kollmann J., Koellner T., Kübert-Flock C., Kunstmann H., Menzel A., Moning C., Peters W., Riebl R., Rummler T., Rojas-Botero S., Tobisch C., Uhler J., Uphus L., Müller J., Steffan-Dewenter I. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2021.
…can be found at the link below: