Interviews with Prof. Johannes Barth on water scarcity and parched soils

How much water can the soils absorb if it rains again after weeks of heat and drought, or if there are even heavy thunderstorms? Could flooding occur in parts of Franconia? AquaKlif researcher Prof. Johannes Barth talks about this on BR television and in the podcast on BAYERN 2:

BR Television (04.08.2022):
“Nach der Hitze – wieviel Wasser können die Böden aufnehmen?”

BAYERN 2 (08/05/2022):
The current interview from Franconia “Warum Böden kaum Wasser aufnehmen können”

The interview with Prof. Barth in the Erlanger Nachrichten about the drought in Franconia and falling water levels of rivers and lakes. Here the newspaper article (15.07.2022) on Twitter: 
“Wasserknappheit ist ein chronisches Problem”

Link to the Niedrigwasser-Informationsdienst (Low Water Information Service, NID) of the Bavarian State Office for the Environment