Frankfurt Declaration: Call for the protection of biodiversity

Shortly before the World Summit on Nature in Montreal in December, a broad alliance of science and NGOs is calling for joint action against the loss of biodiversity.

Specifically, the alliance makes six demands:

  1. A level playing field for companies
  2. Uniform standards and mandatory biodiversity reporting by companie
  3. Immediate dismantling of environmentally harmful subsidies.
  4. Ensure deforestation-free supply chains
  5. Adopt the “30×30” target (protect at least 30 per cent of land and marine area by 2030) and ambitious renaturation targets
  6. Inclusion of biodiversity in the “Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda” initiated by the German government.

Solutions are also identified, such as

  • the development of a measurement logic for “nature-positive management
  • the expansion of global biodiversity monitoring programmes
  • the development of a global and publicly accessible biodiversity database
  • making visible best practices for nature-positive business practices
  • Encouraging people to invest money in companies, funds or initiatives for biodiversity.

Concluding statement:
“The World Nature Conference in Montreal must set the course to initiate the biodiversity turnaround. For us, one thing is certain: Germany can live up to its claim to be a biodiversity pioneer. We acknowledge the responsibility we have in our respective fields of activity – be it in science, politics, business or civil society. We are actively helping to ensure that the turnaround to a nature-positive economy succeeds!”

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