Bavarian Climate Protection Act passed

On 12th of November 2020, the Bavarian Parliament passed the Bavarian Climate Protection Act (Bayerisches Klimaschutzgesetz BayKlimaG). With this, climate protection has officially entered Bavarian legislation for the first time. 

Central points are the reduction of the CO2 equivalent by at least 55% until 2030 (compared to the average of 1990) and Bavarian climate neutrality until latest 2050. The state government presents a Bavarian Climate Protection Programm with measures to reach these reduction goals as well as a strategy to adapt to the consequences of climate change. The State Minister for Environment and Consumer Protection issues a climate report every two years and can seek council and assistance from a representatives of science, economy and municipalities (Bavarian Climate Council, Bayerischer Klimarat). The Bavarian Climate Protection Price will be awarded annually. 

Proposed legislation of the Bavarian State Government