AquaKlif at the “Long Weekend of Science” (online) on 23 October

The “Long Weekend of Science” at FAU Erlangen will take place online from 21.10. to 24.10.2021. On Saturday, 23.10., at 5 p.m., the AquaKlif sub-project 2 / Prof. Johannes Barth will be represented with a lecture.

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All offers of the weekend online, registration required.
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The O2-Struggle: How flowing waters deal with oxygen

While oxygen is abundantly available in the air, this vital gas is often in short supply in water bodies. This is mainly due to its moderate solubility, but processes such as respiration, rising temperatures and reactions with metals can also reduce the oxygen budget in water. The interplay between respiration, photosynthesis and air turnover is being studied in running waters in northern Bavaria in the AquaKlif project as part of the Bavarian Network for Climate Research (bayklif). Overall, oxygen in water is a scarce and precious resource and its dynamics should be understood in detail.

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